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jane_elliot in the_yo_yo

Time to request resources!

It's that time again!  Authors can request audience readers and cheerleaders at this point.  Once you've reached 20,000 words, you can request a beta.  We can't promise anything (the downside of having the challenge open to all fandoms), but we will do our best to find volunteers to meet your needs.

To request a volunteer:  respond to this post with the following information (note that you must include *all* information if you would like your request to be passed on):
-Author's name
-E-mail address
-What resource are you requesting (audience reader/cheerleader)
-Pairing (if none, say 'gen')
-Warnings (when in doubt *warn* -- we has some problems last time with volunteers not knowing what they were getting into and as a result, our volunteer pool is much smaller this time around)

We are in dire need of additional volunteers.  If you are interested in helping with the SFBB, please join our Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sfbb_volunteers/).  This way you'll see all available jobs and can pick the one that interests you most.

Good luck to our authors!