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[Admin] Archive Moving, Next Round Starting in June

Hi, all! Gryvon here. I'll be your mod for the next year or so while Jane's taking a slight break from fandom. As you may have noticed, the website is currently down and will stay down. Fics will be appearing at smallfandom over the next few days, with various tags to make it easier to find stories by author, fandom, etc. (If there's a type of tag you'd like to see - pairing, rating, etc - that's not up, just let me know.) For future rounds, we'll be asking that participants either post stories to smallfandom as multi-part entries or direct link to their own journals/websites.

Sign-ups for the 2009 round of the Small Fiction Big Bang will be starting June 1, (or thereabouts) with an anticipated completion date of October 31st. Rules should be roughly the same as last year. More details and a formal rules post forthcoming.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.


My fic is huge, and I already have it hosted on my personal LJ w/a master post. Would you like me to send you the MP so you can use that instead of posting all of the (epically large - at least 12 posts) chapters to my Psych fic to save people's f-lists? Neeeever mind, I see you did that :) Regardless...

Hi new mod *waves* Excited for the newest challenge!

Edited at 2009-05-20 11:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the offer. ^_^ I'll be checking everyone's journals, just in case they have the story posted elsewhere.

*waves* Hi!