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Where's the Archive?

Since we get a lot of people asking, the archive has been moved to smallfandom. All stories from previous rounds can be found there. All future rounds will be announced and managed from there. Most, if not all, links to the old archive in this community have been removed to help avoid confusion.
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[Admin] Archive Moving, Next Round Starting in June

Hi, all! Gryvon here. I'll be your mod for the next year or so while Jane's taking a slight break from fandom. As you may have noticed, the website is currently down and will stay down. Fics will be appearing at smallfandom over the next few days, with various tags to make it easier to find stories by author, fandom, etc. (If there's a type of tag you'd like to see - pairing, rating, etc - that's not up, just let me know.) For future rounds, we'll be asking that participants either post stories to smallfandom as multi-part entries or direct link to their own journals/websites.

Sign-ups for the 2009 round of the Small Fiction Big Bang will be starting June 1, (or thereabouts) with an anticipated completion date of October 31st. Rules should be roughly the same as last year. More details and a formal rules post forthcoming.

Any questions? Feel free to ask.


Saturday is the absolute last day that you will be able to upload your SFBB fic! 

There will be no extensions on this deadline.

(And I know there's at least one more story to go:)  If you have any questions or problems uploading your story, you can respond to this post and we'll help you get it up.

Check In!

The first month of this round of the SFBB has passed, and now is the time to ask authors to check in (just to make sure they're still with us:)  Comments are screened, so you can put as much or as little in your responses as you'd like: word counts, rants, raves, and sobbing are all welcome.  Thanks!


Time to request resources!

It's that time again!  Authors can request audience readers and cheerleaders at this point.  Once you've reached 20,000 words, you can request a beta.  We can't promise anything (the downside of having the challenge open to all fandoms), but we will do our best to find volunteers to meet your needs.

To request a volunteer:  respond to this post with the following information (note that you must include *all* information if you would like your request to be passed on):
-Author's name
-E-mail address
-What resource are you requesting (audience reader/cheerleader)
-Pairing (if none, say 'gen')
-Warnings (when in doubt *warn* -- we has some problems last time with volunteers not knowing what they were getting into and as a result, our volunteer pool is much smaller this time around)

We are in dire need of additional volunteers.  If you are interested in helping with the SFBB, please join our Yahoo Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sfbb_volunteers/).  This way you'll see all available jobs and can pick the one that interests you most.

Good luck to our authors!