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Sign Ups for Round Two are now open!

Posted a day early, because I'm impatient:)

The second round of the Small Fandom Big Bang Challenge is now open!  This is for the big kahuna, the 30,000 word story, and there are a few things you should know before signing up:

You may write in any small fandom.  For the purposes of this challenge, a small fandom is any fandom with less than a 1,000 stories in any given archive and/or with less than 10 stories over 20,000 words.  Any fandom that has hosted its own big bang challenge is automatically disqualified from this challenge.  Examples of small fandoms: Die Hard 4, Samurai Champloo, Vorkosigan Universe, Psych.  Examples of big fandoms: Supernatural, Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis, CSI.  Please note that though Bones does not technically meet our definition of a small fandom, it is getting grandfathered in as it was allowed last round.  Finally, crossovers are allowed, as long as all fandoms used in the crossover qualify as small fandoms.

You must meet certain eligibility requirements to sign up.  Those requirements are: either successful completion of the first round of the SFBB, or having previously published a completed story of at least 15,000 words.

There will be no artwork associated with the stories in this challenge.  Apparently there was some miscommunication about this for the first round, so we want to make sure this is clear: due to the intricacies of hosting a multi-fandom challenge, it simply isn't possible to also organize artwork for all of the stories.  We are hoping to have a separate small fandom artwork challenge if we can get enough interest (and also some additional staff), but that artwork will have nothing to do with the stories written for the SFBB. 

Tentative Schedule:
July 14 -- Sign-ups open
August 1 -- Sign-ups close
September 1 -- First check-in
October 1 -- Second check-in
October 15 -- Stories go to betas
November 1 -- Final deadline

Other information:
-You must have two beta readers look at your story before it is submitted.  Those can be your own beta readers or they can be ours (see below).
-We will have volunteers available to assist you with your writing.  Cheerleaders and audience readers are available from the start; to qualify for a beta you must have written at least 20,000 words of your story.  We will also have a post where you can direct research questions; our fact finders will look into it and give you an answer as soon as possible.  (Response time for these questions for the first round was something like an hour.  At the longest.  And there was frequently graphical support involved because atlantisgrrrl  is awesome like that:)

To sign up:
Copy and paste the following form into a comment and fill out the appropriate sections.  As soon as you are approved, I'll post a comment to that effect and you can start writing.  Approval should take no more than a day or two (and, knowing my response time, usually considerably less).
Pairing(s) (or gen):
Link to round one story *or* to your completed story over 15,000 words:

Good luck to all of our authors!

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